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Fiction Realm -- Writing by J. Kelly
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My Writing and Other Creative Pursuits
This is the writing/creative journal for butterflyishida. It will likely be mostly writing with occasional icon posts and maybe some photography.

Anything fandom related (so fan fic and lj icons in their majority) will be open to public since they're not mine to lock up and hide. Frankly it annoys me when people lock down icons.

However, anything that is copywrote to me (ie: my original writings and character bios) along with anything to do with real life (photos) will be friend's locked.

I'll be picky with those who I add back and can read my writing but if you're already on my personal f-list, there's likely not going to be a problem. Feel free to friend for fanfic and icons though!!

That's it. That's all.
<3 Butterfly